The Guided Meditation We Need Now (Thanks, Yoga Guru Jessamyn Stanley!)


To say we’ve been through a lot lately is an understatement. Because of this, we are all obsessed with our wellness apps to make us feel better. We try to meditate and sometimes it doesn’t go that well. But what if we told you you don’t have to light that meditation candle, you don’t need the apps? Just sit down. Get heavy.

Enter Jessamyn Stanley. She is an advocate of body positivity and a yoga teacher, author of “Every Body Yoga” and “Yoke: My Yoga Self Acceptance”. Her advice on meditation: “I’m not trying to block out any thoughts. I am not trying to adopt a certain posture. It’s nice when the aesthetics are there. But you know, I hope if I have to meditate in the worst of times, it’s good practice. ”On a recent episode of our adult ISH podcast, my co-host Merk Nguyen and I asked Stanley to guide us through a custom meditation respectively. And it was just too good not to share alone.

Here is what we learned.

  1. Meditation can be messy
  2. Make room at the table for things you don’t like
  3. Accept your whole self: the light and the dark

See for yourself (audio above) and watch the full conversation with Jessamyn Stanley on YR Media’s Adult ISH Podcast (Season 5, Episode 5 – Mind, Body and Soul ISH).

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