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Life in a big city, like everything else in life, has its advantages and disadvantages. In my case, it has allowed me to settle in a busy Los Angeles neighborhood, experience art, nightlife, culture, beaches – whatever – but it rarely offers tranquility. LA’s zen and calm personality goes right out the window when you step on my side of town. So, since I can’t connect with nature on a daily basis and be in a quiet space, I’ve turned to meditative practices and mindfulness prompts to give myself some of the relaxation I’ve longed for.

To start my mindfulness journey, I explored a few different mindfulness platforms, but I didn’t really notice any – until I got the chance to try an app called MyLife. When I first used the app, I expected to be greeted with a few guided meditations and breathing exercises; the usual things. But I quickly learned that MyLife offers a much wider range of meditative practices than I imagined. And just as I was looking for more grounding exercises, especially ones that would bring me closer to nature, I came across the MyLife journey “Connecting with Nature” – and it turned out to be exactly what I needed .

To give you some background information, MyLife works like this: As soon as you open the app, you will be asked to let us know how you are feeling at that moment. It then suggests some activities and other exercises based on those emotions that you would probably like, but you can also browse the Explore tab for other topics to explore. However, my favorite feature is the Travel tab, which has curated collections of mindfulness activities that don’t need to be completed in any particular order or time.

This led me to the “Connecting with Nature” journey, which takes you through seven different practices for seven days. On the first day I started with a minute of relaxing forest sounds and on the second day I moved on to the visualization part, a 10 minute guided meditation that focused on grounding and explained how humans are connected to nature.

The third day, a walking meditation, was my favorite. I walk everywhere, but my usual walks around downtown LA are usually not the most relaxing experiences so this felt very new to me. After plugging in my earbuds, I spent the next 10 minutes listening to the prompt to walk meditation while taking a different route than usual. When it was over, I wanted to do it all over again – so badly that I moved on to the next prompt. It was technically for the next day, but I really wanted to stay in the zen zone that I had finally found.

To buy:, $ 10 per month or $ 59 per year

I’ve had the trip every seven days since then, but I’ve returned to walking meditation at least twice a week. Meditating was something I struggled with for so long because I just didn’t know where to start, but MyLife immediately changed that by asking how I was feeling that day. And while the nature walks have been a game changer for me, there are options for many different concerns and lifestyles.

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