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Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Meditation Tracking Startup, Dhyana, Partners With Heartfulness Institute To Enhance The Mental Wellbeing Of India’s Olympic Contingent

Published on July 21, 2021

  • Dhyana, supported by Pullela Gopichand and an Official Meditation Partner of the Indian Olympic Contingent, has worked with the Heartfulness Institute to bring their meditation practices to the Indian Contingent to help them manage stress, improve their general wellbeing and keep them up to date to be
  • Now athletes and other dhyana users can measure their meditation quality while meditating on the cordiality meditation program

Calcutta: Dhyana, the official meditation partner of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, today announced a partnership with the Heartfulness Institute. The Heartfulness Institute has worked closely with Dhyana to incorporate all of its meditation techniques into Dhyana’s meditation tracking platform to provide athletes with access to the simple and easy heartfulness meditation practices that will help them sharpen their focus or to recharge.

The Heartfulness Institute also has bespoke meditations for the Indian contingent available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu to suit the different regions the players are from. These meditations are structured to help players relax completely and find their center through the signature method of heartfulness of focusing and immersing themselves in the heart.

Dhyana, the intelligent ring that measures the quality of meditation, will from today include all heartfulness meditations, ie relaxation, meditation, purification and inner connection, in the Dhyana application. Dhyana’s team has worked with the Heartfulness Institute to ensure that its platform can accurately measure the quality of meditation as users perform the institute’s signature meditations.

Rajeev Mehta, General Secretary, IOA said: “With the ongoing pandemic, we have been researching increased adoption of technology to make our team feel safe and motivated enough to do their best at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Our partnership with Dhyana is one such step in that direction. I am pleased to learn that Dhyana has partnered with the Heartfulness Institute to offer guided meditation sessions made available in several Indian dialects through the Dhyana application. This entire experience of data-driven meditation for our players will add to their overall emotional well-being and greatly improve their preparation. “

Speaking of announcement, Pullela Gopichand, director, dhyana and head coach of the Indian badminton team“It’s not easy to be where the players are. As if the pressures associated with sports at the highest level weren’t enough, the fluctuating restrictions related to the Olympic Village pandemic will continue to weigh on morale to some extent. We are confident that with the help of Dhyana’s bespoke guided sessions and data-driven meditation, the contingent can better focus on building their overall mental health during these troubled times. “

Tanya Khanna, Indian squash player and heartfulness practitioner, said: “To be at the top of the game, a player no longer relies on physical fitness alone. The thinking and feeling that we bring into the game can influence the results. Before the heartfulness meditation, I couldn’t tell that when nervous the muscles tense or lose a few points in the game. Now I am so aware and have the option to reset this. I found very strong support in Heartfulness to be calm and relaxed and to approach my life and the game more effectively. “

The Dhyana Smart Ring is able to measure your “mindful minutes” or the time you actually concentrate during a meditation session. It does this by continuously tracking your heart rate variability (HRV), or the gap between two consecutive heartbeats, which is further broken down into the three foundations of any meditation session – the quality of breathing, concentration, and relaxation.

“We pride ourselves on capitalizing on India’s rich history of ancient practices like meditation and further empowering them through biomedical technology. Coupled with the expertise that the Heartfulness Institute brings in on meditation practices and general wellbeing, along with Dhyana’s biofeedback capabilities that provide users with real-time responses to their meditative state, we believe the Indian contingent will now be able to to do so to the best of their abilities, “said Bhairav ​​Shankar, MD, Dhyana.

Film actress Tanya Maniktala who has long been a Heartfulness Meditator said, “Heartfulness meditation and relaxation programs have made a huge difference to me in handling my thoughts, feelings and emotions to improve my performance, especially the ability to handle the ups and downs of my job. I’ve seen its effects firsthand over the years and I’m sure it will do the same for our Olympic sports teams to rejuvenate them. “

While the collection of wellness sessions “Focus on Now” curated by the Heartfulness Institute is primarily aimed at the Indian contingent attending Tokyo, these can also be called upon by any Dhyana user to express their being in the present and theirs Achieve stress relief goals.

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