Media personality Bevy Smith on guided sleep meditation and self-care | #CelebDeepDives | Health | Healthcare


In this episode of Celebrity Deep Dives, we speak to media personality Bevy Smith to teach her about the benefits of guided sleep meditation. She also shares how she is able to strike a work-life balance with a thriving career and the importance of self-care.

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0:00 introduction

0:15 When did you start struggling with sleep?

0:38 What types of sleep meditation do you practice?

1:17 How do you find work-life balance?

2:02 What is self care for you?

2:35 pandemic and mental health thoughts

Health Deep Dives is our new series with in-depth reports and expert interviews on topics that are important to you. From the dangers of popular diets to whether it’s safe to sweat at the gym during a pandemic, you’ll find the answers to your deepest questions.

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Media personality Bevy Smith on guided sleep meditation | #CelebDeepDives | health

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