Coronavirus Stress: Try These THREE Easy Meditation Techniques


It’s impossible not to be swayed by the news and concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. When people are quarantined at home, they experience myriad emotions around the world – loneliness, depression, hope, worry, worry. These are all very natural, but there are ways to control your mind and make sure the general blue and anxious mood isn’t affecting you too much. Janvi Gaur, tarot reader, astrologer and healer, gives three very simple meditation techniques to deal with stress and to feel more positive even in these bleak times. Additionally, these are fun ways to get rid of negative thoughts and feel upbeat.

Staying in isolation at home with your family brings everyone together. Put on Kundalini music easily available on YouTube. Just shake your body for the first 10 minutes. Keep shaking your legs, hands, shoulders and moving like you’re throwing something out of our bodies. After that, stand still for about 30 minutes and feel the sensations. Just stand where you are and watch your mood change. You will feel happy and loved with gratitude for all of the blessings you have.

It is easy and very effective. Light a diya, lamp, or candle. Put on music, mantras or suras that are close to your soul. Stare at the flame for 15 to 20 minutes. You’ll love it so much that you don’t want those 20 minutes to go by! After 20 minutes, close your eyes for five to seven minutes and focus on your thoughts. If you haven’t meditated before or have had trouble focusing, don’t worry. This flame meditation is easy to do. The energy will flow naturally and you will feel lit from within.

Janvi Gaur

This is an interesting exercise. Sit on your knees as you would for Vajrasana in yoga or for Namaaz. Bow down seven times, asking for forgiveness each time – for every wrong you have done to hurt someone, for abandoning someone, for mistreating yourself, or for being harsh to yourself … for some reason. You can bow more than seven times if you want, but don’t do less than seen. When you’re done, sit up and close your eyes. You will feel light, loved and forgiven by the higher force.

These may be really simple techniques in spirituality, but they go a long way in improving your mood. They are effective and can be done at will at any time of the day. It’s a deeply personal experience.

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