An introduction to sleep meditation


Welcome to the Dazed Beauty Digital Spa, a place where you can escape the stress of everyday life. From ASMR to Singing, in this section we’ll be hosting a series of interactive podcasts exploring the role of sound in wellness.

Sleep disorders? To kick off the Dazed Beauty Digital Spa, we have launched a series of special wellness podcasts that are designed to make you feel calmer, happier and calmer. In the first episode we take a look at sleep meditation with co-founder of the London Meditation Center and the New York Meditation Center, Michael Miller. Michael teaches Vedic meditation, a practice used to help relieve stress, anxiety, and most importantly, sleep problems. Not only does Vedic meditation help you fall asleep, but it can also help you sleep longer over time by improving the overall quality of your sleep. So make sure you are in a comfortable place, close your eyes, and get ready for one eye.

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