A 20-minute guided meditation to help you deal with uncertainty


In shamanism, we call times of uncertainty or the unknown “the void”. We know that this realm has tremendous positive power to release dormant gifts and love within you, to expand into greater possibilities for your life, and to raise your perspective to higher reasons that support rebirth into your greatest self.

I designed this guided shamanic journey to assist you in aligning on this higher path for your life. It serves to activate a powerful new energetic system in you in order to gain more trust, peace and trust in times of emptiness or great unknowns.

Guided meditations like this are a powerful way to tap into your center to accomplish a range of things from stress relief to falling asleep at night.

And when it comes to getting through “the void”, it often takes courage, perseverance and trust. But if we hold the new line and find spaces to remain optimistic (even when challenged or experienced fear), we will be guided onto an expanded, blessed, and enlightened new path to move on!

Through this journey you will find your way to a new navigational system within you that has a deeper intuitive power, an opportunity to send prayers and gratitude to others, and a blessing of divine protection in all areas where your life is currently changing .

Let’s begin.

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