5 types of meditation to increase your concentration and improve productivity


Can’t focus on one thing? Try these different types of meditation to improve your focus and be productive, alert, and goal-oriented.

5 types of meditation to increase your concentration and improve productivity

It can be very difficult to focus on one task at a time. There are plenty of distractions, stress in the area to distract attention. Even in complete silence, you can feel your mind wandering in various distractions, thinking about many things at the same time.

Improved concentration can help you stay alert, productive, and focused. Meditation helps you have a stable mind and maintain a single chain of thoughts. It can help you improve your focus significantly and not be easily distracted. Here are 5 meditation techniques to increase your concentration.


This includes the visualization of positive and calming scenes and images. Imagine the scene in detail to improve your mood and improve your focus.

Progressive meditation

Progressive meditation is practiced in order to get rid of all the thoughts that come into your mind and to release all tension from your body. This will help you to relieve all stress and improve your ability to concentrate.


This type of meditation is perfect for beginners. All you have to do is focus on your physical sensations and watch every thought that goes through your head. Don’t judge each thought and argue, just acknowledge it and move on.


The most popular word for this type of meditation is “Om”. You can either say it out loud or just sing it in your head. Repeat over and over, focusing only on that word.

Concentrated meditation

This involved focusing on one thing and not letting it wander. For example, focus on your breathing and how your diaphragm contracts and expands with each breath.

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