3 Home Meditation Techniques to Combat COVID-19 Stress


This current global health situation has left us all stuck in our homes and completely burned out. But as well as we all know that the virus itself is affecting our physical health, the effects of the pandemic also have negative psychological and social consequences.

Besides being unable to see our friends and loved ones in person, the longing for them will remain and we will continue to seek their affection and presence. In addition, the desire to share our personal stories and at the same time feel emotions of joy and excitement is not felt at the same time. It is very sad that we have been struggling with this situation for a long period of time and that it is putting a strain on our mental health.

Numerous studies have recently been published looking at the increasing levels of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Most often it is stated that the pandemic is a major cause of such a surge.

Likewise, the sudden changes in most families’ routines are major adjustments that have affected their lifestyle.

Meditation techniques

Meditation is a good activity for people of all ages. It is a known practice well before the age of modern civilization, mostly in religious and spiritual sessions as a way of communicating with the spirits and other deities. Today it is used as a form of relaxation and breathing technique to remove stress and anxiety. Yes, others prefer to practice it together with their friends, but in the current circumstances you need to do it from the comfort of your home.

But if you feel comfortable doing it in the company of others, we have suggestions for you to consider while meditating.

Online mindfulness meditation live stream

Mindfulness is a common form of meditation technique that aims to develop the person’s full awareness of their current environment. Now there are many online meditation experts offering live mindfulness meditation lessons to their students who want to learn the technique in the midst of the pandemic.

This technique uses the sensitivity of the person to feel the environment and to fit into the moment as if you were personally there. This is beneficial as it enhances metacognitive awareness and replaces the natural reaction of letting go of the environment that has become the response of many people today during the pandemic.

Virtual walking meditation outdoors

Meditation is not just about staying calm and sitting while you focus alone on your seat. It could also be done during active exercise. For example, you could make a virtual call with a friend and have them walk you on a tour of your entire house. For some, they consider this to be some kind of unique calming therapy for various reasons.

First, you can bond with a friend or do some type of exercise together even just walking together, which can strengthen your bond as you have helped each other, despite the many obstacles created by the pandemic, better versions to become of yourself. It is also a way to regain the enthusiasm to meet people even when they are far from you.

Paid personal online meditation appointments

If you have a personal meditation trainer or teacher, you can ask them about possible dates to schedule your meditation together. You can set the date on which you both become free. In this way, you have helped them keep their jobs despite the rising unemployment due to the pandemic. This is also an advantage because the meditation practice is tailored to your wishes and needs, in which the teacher can address them directly and apply methods that could also be helpful for you.

Nothing can stop us from building the best versions of ourselves, physically and mentally. It is just a matter of dedication and hard work to master meditation and discipline yourself to apply it in your everyday life.

So, if you think you might be lining up for a session, you can start looking for meditation groups in Maryland and see which ones might suit your meditation needs.

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